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address:Hebei Province Shijiazhuang refinery hospital
Zip code:050099

     Hebei topun Petrochemical Engineering Co. Ltd was formerly known as Shijiazhuang Petrochemical Design Institute, established in 1974, the former belongs to Sinopec group company of Shijiazhuang refinery, July 2004 successfully converted into a limited liability company. Now has issued by the State Ministry of housing and urban rural construction of chemical,
  • 80 thousand tons / ye

    Name: sulfur recovery (EPC) Medium: acid gas, sulfur Scale: 80 thousand tons / year Brief introduction: this project is the EPC general contract project of our company, with an annual output of 80 thou

  • 27000nm3 / h Air com

    Name: air compressor station (EPC) Medium: air Size: 27000Nm fand /h Brief description: this project is to set up a centrifugal air compressor, which can produce a pressure dew point of -40 DEG C by th

  • 140t/h acidic water v

    Acid water vapor stripping device (EPC) Medium: REFINERY ACIDIC WATER Size: 140t/h Brief introduction: this project is the project of EPC general contract. The device is used to deal with the acid wate

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